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{SFTH}   *Donkeyball*  8/30/01


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How many of you have ever been to a DonkeyBall event?
Well, you get to experience it up close and personal through
the words of regular contributor Al Batt!  Be sure to write and let
him know what you thought of his story!

We have some exciting news coming up in the next week or so!
Some will be exciting to you, and some will be just plain
exciting for me to share with you!
Stay tuned!



By Al Batt

I watched our third baseman being bucked off and landing flat
on his back.  Dust rose from his recumbent body.  I remember
thinking that he was going to feel that the next day.
Somebody yelled for me to mount up.  I didn't want to
mount up.  I watched another teammate, tired of the
constant bucking of his steed, slide off the rear end of
his ride and nearly being kicked for his trouble.  I did get
into the saddle, so to speak.  I had to.  Lots of people were

My softball team was involved in a game of donkeyball.  It
was a fundraiser. We were playing the game from the backs of
donkeys--stubborn and strong creatures.

The bases were run while on the back of a donkey.  Defense
was played while on the back of a donkey.  Panic set in
while on the back of a donkey.  You were given a test
before you were allowed to play such a game.  Someone
would shine a flashlight in one ear and if the light came
out the other ear, you could play. Plastic bats and whiffle
balls were the tools of the game.  My donkey was a
small one.  The organizers of the game, in their infinite
wisdom, gave big old me the smallest of the donkeys.
I clumsily crawled onto the back of the beast.  If there
had been a saddle involved, I would not have been riding
tall in it.  My feet dragged upon the ground. Happy trails
to me.  Playing softball on the back of a donkey didn't
seem like the smartest thing I had ever done.  Unfortunately,
it wasn't the dumbest thing I had ever done either.  I have
done so many dumb things in my life that it is difficult for
any new ones to make my top ten list.

There was a large crowd gathered to watch the foolish act
even more foolish than usual.  The donkeys were well
trained, much better trained than their riders.  There were
donkeys that refused to budge and there were donkeys
that wouldn't stop running.  There were a lot of donkeys
that never quit bucking. I was excited, but I wasn't excited
as the donkeys. Let's just say that they were not
housebroken. Like that irritating little Energizer Bunny, they
kept going and going and going.  That was okay, as it was
a way that the crowd could tell the donkeys from the players.
Many of the players had been accused of being donkeys, or
a similar word meaning the same thing, many times, but
most of us were housebroken.

There is nothing like seeing someone you have always
suspected of being a fool, act like a fool--confirming
your belief.  It is like electing someone to public office.
You know they couldn't be too smart or they wouldn't be
running for office.  And once elected, they usually prove
your suspicions correct.

I felt sorry for the donkeys--for a little while.  Until one that I
was riding took me on a terrifying journey from first base to
left field where it deposited me onto a fresh donkey dropping.
Things like that don't happen by accident.  The donkey
knew exactly what it was doing.  It pretended to accidentally
step on my hand as I lay groaning in the steaming donkey
doodoo. I whined about it a little.  The umpire told me, "If
you didn't want to play ball, why did you get on the donkey?"
A good question.  I had no answer, so I went back to playing.
I kept telling myself that it was a fundraiser with the money
going for a good cause.  We played the Hartland Nine or
the Geneva Convention or the Manchester Melissas--I forget
which.  Maybe it was the Casper Ghosts?  I don't remember
if we won or lost or if the score was even kept.

I think most of the participants survived. I do remember that we
raised a lot of money and that we made people laugh.  I
think even the donkeys did some laughing.  There was
never a game quite like it before and there will never be
one quite like it again.  I survived the game, only being
dumped by my charger a few times--okay, nine times.
Luckily, I managed to land on my head each time.  As
it has often been said, you can't hurt a Hartlander by
hitting him in the head. That may be true, but I think I
may have suffered a slight brain injury because the next
year, I played donkeyball again.

Al Batt,  c2001

Write Al and let him know what you thought of his story!


Al Batt lives on a farm near Hartland, Minnesota with his wife, Gail.
Besides being a husband, father and grandfather; Al is a newspaper
columnist, a radio and TV personality, a storyteller, a tour leader
and an avid birder.

Al Batt
RR1 Box 56A
Hartland, M 56042


From the E-mail Box!!

Hi Michael,
Thanks so much for printing my story.  Already getting lots of email from
those who don't have the disorder but understand the struggle and many
emails from those who do have Trichotillomania and never knew of another who
did.  So wonderful to be able to reach others who still thought they were
the only one!
Thanks again,
Cheryn Salazar

Hi, again, Michael. I was told of this site by a
friend who also has trichotillomania, as I do, and she
was thrilled to see Cheryn's story. I met Cheryn a
number of years ago. She is such an inspiration. Thank
you for giving her story the attention it deserves. I
loved today's story, too, about the basketball player.
Bless you,

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