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*Blank Space*  2/15/02
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Straight From the Heart: A Celebration of Life
Congratulations to the Clinton Lady Cougars for winning
their third straight conference championship in a row. 
You had to work extremely hard for this one, Ladies,
and we are so proud of you!

And to the JV Lady Cougars, congrats on the big
overtime win!  Thank you for a wonderful season and
know that coach Witte and I love you...
From my family to yours,

We have another story from HeartTouchers featured author
Roger Dean Kiser, Sr.  There is an extremely important
message and announcement from Roger at the end of his story today.
Be sure to read every word, and then pass his message along
to every single person in your address book.  If you are not
familiar with Roger, his writing, or his mission to help orphans,
then trust me when I say, "If anyone can make a difference in
their lives it is Roger." throws all its support
behind him and his foundation and I hope all of you will join me
in helping out no matter what you can afford to give, whether
money or time...

Blank Space
By Roger Dean Kiser, Sr.

"Boys, this is your new home now. This is where you will live from now
on," said the tall, black haired woman who was standing in front of us
kids at the orphanage home.
"Will this be our home for ever and ever?" asked one of the orphan boys.
"This will be your home until you grow up and go out onto your own," she
"I didn't even get to tell my mommy good-bye," said the little boy, as
he slowly bowed his head and he began to cry.
"Don't nobody love us, no way. We won't never have the good feelin',
ever again." I said out loud.
"You shouldn't talk like that, Roger. You're just a little boy," said
the woman.
"But that's the truth, ain't it? Don't nobody love us kids. We won't
never be able to have a mommy and daddy ever any more. Will we?" I
questioned her.
The room fell totally silent as we orphans looked up, waiting for her to
answer. But she never did answer. She just looked away and she said not
another word.
I was six years old when I was told that I would never again have a
mother or a father to love me. I'm not even sure that hearing those
words from her made any difference to me. But I do know this: I knew
right then and there that there would never be another hug, or a kiss
for me. I knew right then and there that there would never be a
piggyback ride or anyone to ever be proud of me.
As I sit her fifty years later I try, as best I can, to remember exactly
what it was that I felt at that very moment. But for the life of me; I
draw nothing but a total blank. A total blank must have been what I felt
at the moment that she spoke those words to us orphans.
A blank space is all that I was given to build a life upon. For years I
went to various reform schools, jails and then on to prison in 1965. I
walked out of prison on February 6th, 1969. That was the first day of my
life that I was ever free of the system. I had no where to go and I had
no where to turn. All I had was a baggy old suit, that the prison had
given me, fifty-five dollars and that blank space I had been given as a
I was sent back to Alaska where it was fifty-five below zero when I
arrived. I lived for several days in a game-room, sleeping behind the
pin ball machines. Within a week I was broke and I had nothing to eat. I
asked the state of Alaska for help but no one would help me. I begged
for food from the army soldiers who would come to town on leave. Finally
I left Alaska two weeks later with twenty dollars a man had given me.
I did as best I could to build a life with whatever I had left. Which of
course was that blank space that the orphanage had given me.
Over the next thirty years I was married and divorced six times, and I
had 4 children. I could never understand why the marriages would not
work. I was kind. I was hard working and I was faithful.
Now as I look back I can see that all I really had to share with them
was that blank space that I carried inside myself. I don't suppose that
they will ever understand that I really did give, and share with them
all that I ever truly owned. My "blank space."
Many people have asked me what it takes to be a writer. I always tell
them that what is most helpful to me is that I always start with a blank
Roger Dean Kiser, Sr.
Write to Roger and let him know your thoughts on his story!

The Sad Orphan Foundation has been established to specifically help orphans in the United States of America.
The intent of this organization is to make sure that a minimum of 90-95% of all the donations received go directly to the children. Not to groups, organizations and/or Societies who tend to pay themselves large salaries and in the end leave the kids getting little or nothing. I want these kids to know, without any doubt, whatsoever, that the world outside the orphanage really cares about them. I want them to know that not having a mother and a father is lonely, yet it is survivable.
The foundations books will be available on the Internet 24/7. All transactions will be posted on this web site (In simple plain English) for everyone to view.
I am not exactly sure what all "The Sad Orphan Foundation" can accomplish. It is not easy, trying to establish such an organization and to find honest, capable people who are willing to give that much of their time. Oh! there are those who are willing to help if it makes them look like a big shot in the community. I don't need, or want people like that in this organization.
The kids that I am trying to help did not do anything wrong. They are innocent children who were abandoned. I do not want them to ever have to feel that they have to bow down to anyone who offers them help or kindness. I, and my orphan brothers and sisters were made to beg for whatever kindness was given to us. I will never forget the feeling of having to look at the ground every time kindness was shown to me.
Even today as a fifty-six year old man that aspect of me has never changed. I still get embarrassed, and I look down at the ground, when kindness is shown to me.
What I plan to do for these children may not have much of an affect right now. But in the years to come they will remember the kindness that was showed to them. I know this for a fact. Common sense tells us that we never harm those who are kind to us. Kindness is the only path leading into the heart of the orphan, or abused child. It is then, and only then, that we can start to build a lasting relationship based on love and trust.
I will be there myself, and I will tell them that it is YOU who have helped them. That YOU do care about them and that they do not owe you anything for helping them.
The money given to this foundation will not be wasted. There will be no fancy envelopes or stationary. These items, if necessary, will be purchased from the dollar store.
Should the time come that the organization grows and needs any type of paid help. The president of the company down to the last man on the totem pole will receive minimum wage. There will be no bonuses for anyone, ever.
I will not spend one penny on anything that the orphanage itself should have purchased for the children.
If by chance, these children are taken to Disney World, Universal Studios, a water slide, movie or the like. I, as the President of the foundation, will make sure that the lowest possible fare(s) have been achieved.
It is hoped that someday computers will be placed in the orphanages and that I can start a program, which I will call "e-doptions." I want the children in these orphanages to have access to the people who are helping them. I want them to look forward to receiving e-mails and encouragement from those who care about them. When the day comes for these children to leave the orphanage, I do not want them to feel, as I did, that it really does not matter if they go North, South, East or West. I want them to know that no matter what direction they travel in (to make a life for themselves) that there is someone near who cares for them.
That is the seed that I want to plant now.
Have you have ever wondered why a young person goes off the deep end and hurts others. I can tell you the reason because I have been there. When all has failed in a child's life and they feel that they have nothing to lose. The next thought is to hurt someone or to get even with the world. At this point they do not need a reason to do it because they feel that they already have one. Now their mind searches for a reason not to do it. This is the critical point in the process of decision. 'Love' at this point is totally worthless to that child. However, kindness always seems to shine through and gives the child 'a reason' not to hurt someone.
The brilliant minds of today, and yesterday, as well as all the educated scholars have had their chance and they have all failed. It is time for a new approach. It is time to allow some of us who have ridden on the train to have a chance to stop it.
Most of you have read my stories and you know of my past. It has not been an easy road for me to travel. I am not very well educated, but on the other hand I am not stupid. I hope that you will give us former orphans a chance to see if what we know, and what we have learned, can make a difference in this world.
In closing, I would like to add this: "The Sad Orphan Foundation will never be allowed to become more important than it's purpose."
Those who wish to make a donation please send a check or money order to:
c/o Author, Roger Dean Kiser, Sr.
100 Northridge Drive
Brunswick, Georgia 31525
Author, Roger Dean Kiser, Sr.
NOTICE TO CONTRIBUTORS: Please do not send cash. Your check or money order will be your receipt for your tax deductible contribution.
For more information please visit Roger's web site at:
Michael! I do believe, those last two stories "Family Ties" by Alison Peters and "A Valentine for Grandma" by Joseph Walker are two of the best stories I've ever read in my life.  I read Joseph's first...and cried.  Then I read Alison's and through my tears, I smiled, knowing we are so blessed to have a God that truly does care enough to actually create these stories by placing us in the perfect situations.  I still find it amazing, even after "all" my years on this earth!
Take care,

\_\  /  
/_/  \    "For I have been crucified with Christ and I no
\_\/\ \   longer live, but Christ lives in me.  The life I
   \_\/   live in the body I live for the Son of God, who  
           loved me and gave Himself for me."
           Galatians 2:20

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