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*The Funeral*  4/15/02


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The Funeral

By Roger Dean Kiser, Sr.

I received a telephone call late one evening and was told
that Mrs. Usher had passed away. She was a woman
who had, many years ago, taken me out of the juvenile
shelter, when I was a young twelve year old runaway
orphan boy. I was taken to her home for one day to eat
Thanksgiving dinner with her family.

She is probably the only woman on the face of this earth
who had ever shown me any kindness as a child, even
though it was only for a short time. She was probably the
only reason that I ever had to try and straighten up my up life.

I think that it was important to me that I show her that
I respected her for those few wonderful moments of love that
she showed toward me and for the way she treated me, as
though I were a real person and not just a worthless piece
of trash, like the orphanage told me.

I went to Florida to attend the funeral. When I arrived in
Jacksonville I was met by several members of the family.
Most of them I really did not know as most were total
strangers to me. I really did not know what to say or what
to do. I just kept my mouth shut and remained perfectly

When everyone would move to the right; I would move to
the right. When everyone would move to the left; I would
move to the left. It appears that things had not changed
much for me over those last thirty years.

We arrived at her house and it felt rather strange knowing
that this wonderful kind woman was nowhere to be found
and that she would never be seen or heard in that house
again. I walked slowly into the house. I will never forget
not knowing how to feel about someone dying that I cared
about. What was I supposed to do? What was I supposed
to be feeling? I really did not feel much of anything at all,
except maybe numbness and sadness. I had never known
anyone who died who had become a part of my life. Orphans
do not know what it feels like to have someone die who cares
about you, or that might have loved you. We don't know about
those kinds of things. It's rather embarrassing when you don't
know how to feel inside when someone dies.

The day of the funeral was a very difficult day for me and
I guess it was for everyone else also. People were crying
all over the place and all that kind of stuff. I just stood
around real quiet like and all, just watching and looking
at all the people. I kept noticed of how everyone was acting
just in case someone else died. Then I would have some idea
of what to do, how to look and how to act the next time it happened.

There were hundreds, if not thousands, of flowers on that
beautiful casket and I kept trying not to think about this
wonderful, kind and loving woman laying inside of that box,
and that she would be in that hole and all covered up with
dirt and that I would never ever see her again.

I just kept saying to myself, over and over, "I love you Mrs.
Usher, I love you Mrs. Usher", so that she might hear me in
my mind.

The entire time all of this was happening I just stood there
like a dummy. I was really embarrassed because I did not
know where to sit when the funeral finally started. I was not
really a part of her family but on the other hand I was not
just a regular old person either. But that's just the way it is
when you are an orphan. You are just always (sort of)
stuck in between and all these people are just shifting you
back and forth, trying to make you feel comfortable. So you
just smile at them, look sad and hope that no one notices
that you really don't fit in.

Then all of a sudden it was all over, thank God!, and everyone
just started walking all around the cemetery. All talking to
each other and laughing and joking. How could these people
laugh and joke at a time like this? This was a part of dying
that I did not like and a part that I certainly did not want to
learn about or remember. How dare they laugh, feel happy or
even smile at a time like this?

I just walked away from everyone and I stood over near the
little pond and I thought about Mrs. Usher.

I looked over and saw Mr. Usher standing all by himself and
looking down at the casket and I saw how sad, lonely and
unhappy he looked. I had never hugged a man before but
I really wanted to hug him that day. That was the day when
I learned just how much that man really cared about me,
and I never knew it. I slowly walked over to him and I just
stood there, next to him and I did not say a word. I just
couldn't get up enough nerve to tell him what I wanted to
say. But I knew I had to do something and I had to do it
real quick because he was all I had left now that
Mrs. Usher was gone.

I made my fists real, real tight, into a ball, and then I said
"Dad, do you know how sad and lonely you feel right
now?" He shook his head real slow and he started to cry
'cause I saw a tear and then he took my hand and he
squeezed it real hard. Then he looked down at me and
I said "Dad that is how I have felt every single day of my
life." Then he grabbed me real tight and he hugged me
and he said "I know boy."

When Mr. Usher died some years later I still did not know
how to act when someone died. So I just stayed all by
myself in the little garden out back of the hospital until it
was all over. But I never did laugh, or smile, or joke like
all those other people. I just couldn't. I hurt too bad inside
me. I guess it is that terrible, painful hurt that finally
showed me how much I was capable of loving other
human beings.

Roger Dean Kiser, Sr.

Write Roger and let him know your thoughts on his story!


Visit Roger's Web site to read more of his stories at:

Or visit The Sad Orphan Foundation at:

Roger and his wife, Judy, also a writer, live in Brunswick,
Georgia. As a child Roger was raised in a very abusive
orphanage located in Jacksonville Florida. He has written a
book titled "Orphan" which tells of the horrors that he and
other children suffered daily, for more than ten years.

His book is in all major bookstores and available
through his web site/link, for purchase. He now writes and
speaks to children in the Georgia School system about child
abuse and its effects.

In the last two years Roger has developed one of the most
read child abuse web sites in the world, "The Sad Orphan"
located at:
which displays many of his short stories.

You can purchase Roger's book, "ORPHAN"
in major book stores or order from at:

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If you missed the interview we did with Roger, you can check it out at our
web site at this link:

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Reader Feedback!

Dear Mary Emma, your "kitchen table" brought back such precious memories of my favorite "kitchen table", that belonging to my grandpa. The time period was the 50's. It was a long homemade one that through the week days had a red & white oil cloth(vinyl) but on Sunday the two pretty white ones were used, one to cover the table & the other to cover the left overs. On the back side of the table was a long homemade bench & on the other side & ends were straight chairs. Unfortunately my "granny" passed away when I was only 3 months old but my Aunt Lois & my precious, precious grandpa was still there & me & my parents lived next door. Grandpas table was the "meeting place" for my aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors & several times a year the preacher & his family. My favorite memory is how "grandpa" would come in from his work, hang his old felt hat on a nail on the front porch, wash his face & hands, sit at the end of the table, wait on his meal, (sometimes not to patiently) then ever so humbly bowing his head & clasping his hands to say the "table grace". What a wonderful blessing, thank you for letting me share this special memory.
Carolyn Murray,


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