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{SFTH}   *Little White Bunny Rabbit & Letter to Morgan*  3/27/01


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It is not often that I will run two stories on the same day...However, today
I make an exception....

Many of you are very familiar with Roger and Judy Kiser.  They have shared
a number of stories with us over the past two years and are both gifted writers.
May your very soul be touched by their words below...

Little White Bunny Rabbit

"Precious Moments-Plush little friends" read the tag on the little white
bunny rabbit that I tenderly held in my hand at the WalMart store this

I slowly opened the card which was attached to the rabbits ear and I
read "Never leave child unattended while using this or any stuffed

The tears started running down my cheek as I kissed the little bunny and
placed it into the cart. Oh! how many times I have read those words but
this time they had a very special meaning. Judy and I left the store and
immediately headed to a place that everyone always dreads to enter.

When we arrived Judy and I were left all alone in a small silent room.
Judy opened the plastic Walmart bag and removed a yellow receiving
blanket and then she took out the small little bunny. I reached over and
kissed the little white bunny and then I laid it inside the little,
white, satin covered child's coffin.

It is the first time in my life that I have ever had to leave one of my
grandchildren unattended with a stuffed toy, and it hurts really bad.

Roger Dean Kiser, Sr.

Send Roger an email and let him know how much his story touched your heart...



By Judy Kiser

Dear Morgan,

I wanted you to know how much that I love you, I'm sure that you already know, but it will make me feel better if I put it in writing.

From the moment that your Mommy and Daddy told me that you were on the way, I was in love with you. My excitement grew with every stage of your growth.

The pure joy that I felt when they told me that you were a girl cannot be explained with mere words. I just knew that you were a beautiful little girl and that you would fill our lives with giggles: laughter, and so much love that our hearts couldn't hold it all!

Every time I went shopping, I had to keep myself from buying things for you, your Papa would tell me that we had plenty of time to gather all of the new baby stuff that I wanted you to have.

Did you know that your Papa is a pretty smart man? Well, he is, and maybe this time he was right in holding me back, because the one time he and I did go shopping for you it was one very hard thing to do.

We entered the Walmart parking lot and tears filled both of our eyes, as we walked toward the entrance, your Papa took my hand and squeezed it tight. He knew that my heart was shattered and falling into little pieces.

Oh how I wished that God would take back this last twenty-four hours, what was his purpose in calling you back? How could we go on without you?

Questions like these had been going around in my head every since we got the news of your birth/death. What an ugly word, "stillborn".

We, your grandparents, managed to purchase the little soft yellow blanket that they would wrap you in, you are too little for more formal attire.

As we passed the rattles and stuffed animals we stopped and felt a few of them. I picked up a little white bunny rabbit that had pink pads on his feet, those pink pads reminded me of your tiny footprints. Your Papa took it out of my hands and put it in the shopping cart. We didn't say word, we just knew that the rabbit was yours.

Morgan, your Granny has learned so much since your little funeral. I guess a few of the questions that had been bouncing around in my head was starting to fall into a rational order. That started to happen when the pastor was performing your service, remember when he said "suffer the little children to come onto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God." Luke 18:16, I knew that God had called you to him for a reason, and it was not for us mortals to question why. I knew that I could let you go without anger and I could rejoice in the fact that you are giggling for Jesus, and if I listen real close I might hear you on sunny day.

Did you know, Morgan, that the people at Palmetto Cemetery, will donate plots to the grieving family's of stillborn children? Is that not the most generous thing?

And that the people at Edo Miller funeral home treated us with such gentle understanding, even though they were not getting a huge sum of money out of your service. So you see, Granny has learned that not all of mankind is out to make the almighty dollar, some people really do care. Oh, did I mention that Ms. Chapman, who is making your headstone, is working super fast, so we can have it in seven days instead of the usual 45 days?

Morgan, I thank God for your short visit, you taught your Granny a few things, and the love that I have for you will be eternal. Remember

the little guardian angle pin that I put on your blanket? Well, it is just like the one that I wear on my lapel everyday, and now when I pin it on, I'll have a smile in my heart because I now have a name for my guardian angel, it's Morgan.

MORGAN CLAIRE KISER   ? March 12, 2001?

Judy Kiser

Send Judy an email and let her know how much her story touched your heart...

Quick note from Judy: Please pray for my daughter-in-law, Jamie, she is the one that hurts so much and needs answers.
Love to you and your family,
Judy and Roger
Roger Dean Kiser, Sr. and his wife Judy live in Brunswick, Georgia. They have
four cocker spaniels (Lady, Prozac, Precious and Little Bit), a large chow
named Cody, as well as Roger's aquarium with fifteen tiger barbs. Roger is
the author of the book "ORPHAN", which hit bookstores in December.

You can purchase Roger's book, "ORPHAN"
in major book stores or order from at:

If you want to read more of their stories, check out our archives at:
Straight From the Heart

Check out Judy's web sites at:


Roger and Judy...May you both know how sorry all of us are...
We grieve with you...


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From the E-mail Box:
Thanks for sending the story of the homeless guy.  Testing the very roots of our faith: practical, unconditional love in action.  Susan's right, you know, it is somebody's father, brother or son. The stretching of our beliefs to the difficulty at hand is what grows our faith and boldness.  And maybe, for their first time, someone receives two gifts: momentary help and an insight into eternity.
Stuart Robertson, Australia



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