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{Straight From the Heart} *The Bonds of Love* 8/2/00

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By: Judy Kiser

From the time that we are new born babies, we set out on the quest to find a bond of love. If we are lucky we find it in the form of our mother. But not everyone has that kind of luck, if so we would not hear the stories of abandonment, or the stories of a young mother killing her young and placing them in a trash can. It is obvious that not all females have a maternal instinct. So that leaves many of us without that all-important bond of love.

Just as all men are not meant to be a caring loving parent. What a shame that all fathers cannot be like the T.V. dad's, you know the ones, Jim Anderson and Ward Cleaver. If they were all like those men, we wouldn't have so many children living in one parent homes, or any need for organizations like Big Brothers; nor would we have so many unwed mothers in this world. Many men find it easier to just go on with their lives as if a child had never even been born. Leaving us again without a bond of love.

Adults look for an unbreakable bond of love in marriage. The concept of an unconditional love with ones soul mate is irresistible. And again we have to face the fact that more often than not that this to is a fairy tale. Look at the divorce rate in this country and you will surely have to agree. Words like adultery, abuse, and irretrievable differences branded on a battered heart, leaving us once again to look for a bond of love.

As I have traveled my life's journey, I have dealt with many of the dire situations that are listed above. A life of trouble and despair followed me everywhere I went. I found no bond of love that could not be broken! My outlook on life was jaded, to say the least. I searched for love and acceptance in all the wrong places, places that the devil provided.

Until I found and accepted my Lord Jesus Christ as my savior, I would not find the unconditional bond of love that I had been seeking my whole life. I can hear the moans now, and sense the thought going around in many of your heads, " OH NO! Not another old woman preaching at me." I promise this is not a sermon; it's a true love story!

A love story so amazing, that you will not believe it! No matter how low I sank in my despair, I always had this unconditional love! It took me so many long years before I could see or feel it. Even today, I marvel at the time I wasted looking for a man made love. When all the time I had more love than I could ever imagine!

From the time before my birth, until this very moment, I have never been without love. When I was suffering through the sexual abuse as a child, my Lord was with me. He did not save me from the abuse, but he made me strong enough to survive it. He kept me in his grace as I stumbled from one broken marriage to the next, giving me strength to once again over come the abuse. He gave me courage and the determination to raise my two children; so that they are loving, caring and giving adults.

As my faith grew stronger and my love for Jesus bloomed, and as I gave thanks for the blessings that he had brought into my life, I noticed that I didn't have to search for love anymore. It just kind of found me, and filled my life to capacity!

My heart aches when I think of how the people of this world are suffering. How they are searching for things that don't exist. If they would only stop and look at the starting point of life, then they would see that there is only one end, JESUS!!

May the good Lord bless you and keep you, because he already loves you.

Judith A Kiser 2000

Send Judy an email and let her know what you thought about her story!
I live in Brunswick, Ga. with my husband Roger and our five dogs. I work full time as a server, and enjoy writing bedtime stories for my grandchildren.
Check out her websites!


I wanted to share the following link with everyone. Andi Puntoriero has shared her writing with all of us in the past, and many of you may remember her. Check out one of her latest stories called, "The Rescue."

The Rescue


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