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Interview with Straight From the Heart
author Judy Kiser!

SFTH:  When did you start writing?
Judy Kiser:  I started to write in 1986, I was waiting on my first grandchild
to be born, and "Penny Pooch" evolved at that time. Also I worked the
midnight shift at the local Kroger Store and they ran a contest for
their magazine "Southern Register".

SFTH: Why do you write?
Judy Kiser:  It just fills a need in my soul to put my ideas and whimsies
on paper.

SFTH: Where do you write? (Favorite or most comfortable place)
Judy Kiser:  Late at night on my computer in my bedroom, but sometimes
I resort to the old fashioned method and write things in a notebook, with an
honest to goodness pencil, sitting at my kitchen table.

SFTH: Have you had any odd or strange jobs in your life?
Judy Kiser:  I really think all of my jobs have had a strange quality about
them, but the most fun I had on one was when I moved back to Ohio for
a short time and took a job as a telephone operator and got the funniest
 responses to my southern accent!

SFTH: What book are you currently reading?
Judy Kiser:  Today it is "Murder shoots the Bull", by Anne George.

SFTH: What do you like to read?
Judy Kiser:  Light mysteries, and some romance. But my favorite is
"Chicken Soup for the Soul".

SFTH: Who are your favorite authors?
Judy Kiser:  Roger Kiser, Michael Powers, Lynn Lombard, Anne George,
and my all time love is Joe Edward's.

SFTH: What was your first story to be published?
Judy Kiser:  "Search of the 306 Can Handlers" in the Kroger Southern
Registry, October 1986.
SFTH: What was the first story you remember writing?
Judy Kiser:  "Tom, the Turkey" sometime in my high school
years. My English teacher was quite surprised that I took the
time to produce an entertaining homework piece. That was not
my normal response! :)

SFTH: Where does your inspiration come from?
Judy Kiser:  Most of my ideas just pop into my head, and if I don't
write it down right then I loose the thought. I have been known to get
up in the middle of the night and start writing, but lately I have had
to put my writing on the back burner.

SFTH: Of the stories you have written, what is you favorite story?
Judy Kiser:  "My Hero", a story about my sweetheart, Cory Andrew.

SFTH: Hardest Story?
Judy Kiser:  "A Letter to Morgan" (my little angel.)

SFTH: Have anything to share about when you first looked at your book, or
the book you first had a story published in?
Judy Kiser:  Shock!!! I could not believe that they would be interested
in what wrote about and that they would really send me a check for $150.00.

SFTH: Did you dream about being a writer when you were growing up
or did it just happen?
Judy Kiser:  No, when I was growing up I really did not have any dreams.

SFTH: Did you write stuff as a child or young person that you can now
go back and look at with pride, or maybe even laughter?
Judy Kiser:  No

SFTH: Who do you admire in life?
Judy Kiser:  My husband Roger.

SFTH: What has influenced you most in your writing for good or for bad?
Judy Kiser:  My love for my Lord and my wonderful husband and family.

SFTH: Do you have any advice for those who also write or may be
just starting out?
Judy Kiser:  Keep the dream and write from your heart. Let
your mind and soul flow, write what you know about. 

SFTH: What do you like to do when you are not writing, i.e., hobbies?
Judy Kiser:  Reading, spending time with my grandchildren, being
on my computer, talking on the phone to my children, reading my
husbands work, crossword puzzles, playing with my seven pets,
enjoying not having to go to work!

SFTH: Future writing plans?
Judy Kiser:  I want to get my children's stories published. I would also
like to write a book???

SFTH: Are they any questions you would have liked me to ask
you, but I didn't?
Judy Kiser:  Has Straight from the Heart been an influence on your writing?
Yes, Michael Powers has added a new dimension  to my  writing, and a
new respect for the love of life!

     My name is Judy Kiser and I live in the southern most part of
Georgia. Winter hardly ever gets this far south, and when I hear people
say that 16  degrees is cold, I laugh to my self, they sure haven't
spent any time up north!
     But on the other hand when I hear them say, " Yes Ma'am" or "I beg
your pardon."  I remember why I love the South. The most beautiful
language is spoken in the South!
     I was born and raised in northern Ohio, I don't have many pleasant
memories of that time, but I still love the beauty of the state. I went
back to Ohio, last year, for the first time in 25 years, it's still a
    I met and married Roger Kiser in 1994, when I was at my lowest
point. It was God that led us to one another and when we got to know
each other we really understood how much. We had almost crossed each
others path for almost 30 years, we came so close to meeting at so many
times that it borders on the unreal.  But when the time was
right, God let us meet, and save each other, with his help.
     I enjoy writing children's stories, and I hope to get them
published one day. I love to hear my grandchildren ask to hear on of
them. My 13 year old grandson loves my work, maybe I have him brain
washed, or maybe he just has good taste!
     I love to write about my grandchildren, (seven of them) they are
such interesting people, if  you visit my web sites you will meet some
of them, I haven't got to write all I intend to write yet, like I have a
granddaughter on the wrestling team, or a grandson that suffers from
depression, and I also have a story or two about my youngster
granddaughter. I also have a son that is an executive chef that I
haven't had the chance to write about, and this is the same kid that
poured every bag of sugar and flour on my kitchen floor! Isn't this so
much better than naked babies on a bear skin rug?
     I have five dogs, and two cats. My oldest dog is Kodiac, he is a
Chow Chow-Husky mix, and a very old man. I got him when I worked for
Kroger in 1986, and I love him very much, I also have four Cocker
Spaniel's, Lady, Prozac, Precious, and Little Bit, all gifts from my
     Not being a cat person, as you can see, it was a great surprise to
my husband when I begged him to help me rescue the prettiest little girl
from the dumpster, an orange and white long haired kitten, from where I
work. She now owns my computer desk and any other thing that she
desires, and let me be the first to tell you that when one cat moves in,
there will soon be more to follow. It wasn't three weeks later that Mr.
Thomas was rescued from some uncaring neighbors!  What a little demon
this black cat is!
     My greatest wish is to retire, and spend my time writing all the
stories floating around in my head and to have someone that wants to
read them!
If you would like to write to Judy, you can do so at this e-mail address:
Do you have any questions you would like us to ask the authors who share
their stories with us?  E-mail me (Michael) at
with your ideas!
May all of you have a wonderful week!
Michael T. Powers
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